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The Lab: How to Launch a 6-Figure Coaching Business

ATLAS Workbase

Do you get joy from helping others overcome challenges in their lives? Are you excited at the possibility and freedom of being your own boss?

According to Forbes, coaching is a $1 billion a year industry in the US alone... and getting bigger every year...

The Lab: Ikigai - Purpose Passion & Social Impact

United Way-King County

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that can be interpreted as “your purpose” or “your reason for being”. You’ll learn key tenets of this ancient philosophy to connect your passion for impact with an action plan. Collaborate with other social impact-minded professionals driving toward a stronger...

The Council: Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap

ATLAS Workbase

It’s becoming increasingly common to hear about people running a side business in addition to their day job. With the influx of social media coaches and digital nomads popping up, it seems more and more are dreaming of self-employment.

The Hot Seat: Becoming a Leader in a Growing Company

PEMCO Mutual Insurance Co.

“Climbing the corporate ladder”… a term as cliche as cliche gets. But, whether you’re new in your career, mid-career or transitioning careers, the corporate ladder exists and challenges all prospective climbers.

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